“Amalia did a natal chart reading for me and it was a profound experience! She is incredibly knowledgable and eloquent, drawing from fascinating esoteric literature and mythology. It felt like she was unlocking a vault and behind it was a mirror that reflected my psyche, past-life experiences and emotional landscapes that all define and explain many elements of my self that have often felt misunderstood. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of self or where you are at in this life, I recommend booking a session with Amalia.”
-Angelica Rockne, musician

“I contacted Amalia during her "End of Mercury Retrograde" sale for an Astrological and Tarot consultation. I had been going through a very challenging and pivotal time in my life and was looking for a deeper understanding of the forces at play, and insight into what path to take going forward. Her analysis of my chart and recent events was spot on, and by looking at my chart she gracefully put into words dynamics within myself that I had been trying to put my finger on for years. I came away from the reading with a clearer understanding of dynamics within myself, of recent events, and what the Astrological forces are guiding me towards. As part of my consultation she accessed the Tarot and her reading of the cards was also spot on and insightful. I am amazed by her ability to understand and interpret symbols, and to communicate them in a deeply resonant, simultaneously poetic and practical way. Since the readings I've had with her, the path indicated by the cards is clearly being fulfilled as she had interpreted them in relation to my situation. She makes it look easy, when I know from my own experiences that it most certainly is not. I would definitely hire her again, and recommend her services to friends and family.”
Morgan Hunt, astrologer and wildland firefighter

"Amalia is a truly gifted, intuitive and insightful reader of the Tarot. I've had a number of readings with her that honestly brought into focus for me so much of what was going on in my life. She reads the cards for all of their meanings simultaneously, and I have always appreciated her nuanced, detailed approach. Not only is she is gifted reader, but she is an easy-going, friendly person be around, making the whole experience basically awesome! I HIGHLY recommend her!"
 -Sara Larsen, author and yoga instructor

"Amalia integrates a deep and expansive knowledge of tarot with a natural gift of empathic clarity. In our readings, she has used the tarot as a tool to guide me in observing and exploring the events and energies going on in my life. I'm especially impressed by her focus on the numerology—this attention to the rich signifying potential of numbers brings a strong and compelling narrative to her readings, and encourages me to look for magic in everyday things. "
-Amy Berkowitz, author

"Amalia is an amazing reader. Intuitive, insightful and highly knowledgeable. She clearly has years of experience. She has you shuffle the cards, cut the deck, then she takes over. I gained so much clarity about my life and the direction it is taking. She helped me to see where I am and where I am heading and I found this incredibly useful. Her practice is true of heart and incredibly sincere. She is wise beyond her years and I highly recommend her."
-Nova Ray, preschool teacher and artist



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