*All sessions are available in person or via skype. Email maliscotttarot @ gmail.com to book an appointment.

Private Readings:
60 minutes: $70-$100, sliding scale
I use the Tarot as a source to aid you in reflection on your current state of being -conscious and unconscious, imaginal and literal. I use the Tarot here as a means of accessing fertile spaces of healing and creativity within the self. I encourage you to bring any questions you may have around moments of transition, stasis, joy, trauma, creativity, and beyond. We'll use the cards to determine opportunities and aids for you as you move through your life path.

Tarot Coachings & Therapy Packages
90-120 minutes: $110-$200, sliding scale
I invite you to bring long-term goals and questions into these sessions. I will use the Tarot to mediate, but these sessions include elements of hypnotherapy, herbalism, meditation, and aromatherapy as we work together to access subconscious states to aid in practical goals. These sessions are designed to usher clients into deeper self-awareness and acceptance.

Ekstatic Bodies: Tarot + Yoga
90-120 minutes: $120-$225, sliding scale
In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we read that "Yoga is bringing the oscillations of the mental substance into stillness." In these sessions we take Tarot and Yoga side-by-side as spiritual exercises that culminate in a meditative stillness of body and mind. What does this look like? I will pull and read cards for you, usually oriented around some specific concerns you are working with i, and in accordance with the healing path suggested in the cards, I will prescribe and lead you through series of yogic exercises to aid you in that path. These sessions are meant to hone the arts of mindfulness, physical strength, and concentration so that you can carry your encounters with the Tarot into richer dimensions of physical, emotional, imaginative, and psychic well-being.

Clients often find that the above types of sessions are most effective when regularly scheduled weekly or monthly. Since these sessions are meant to serve long-term health and stability, I am happy to negotiate rates for packages of 3 or more sessions on sliding scales according to income.

Coachings on How to Read the Tarot
Rates negotiable. I offer one-time classes and long-term workshops for both individuals and groups on learning to read the "objective" structure of the cards and learning to use your own intuition to interpret their meanings and symbolism. Contact me for workshops, events and private classes!