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Sundays | Sept. 9 - Oct. 28 | 6:00 - 9:00pm
$220 for full course* | $40 per single class | SPACE IS LIMITED
Private location announced upon purchase of your seat in the class

*2-3 scholarship options for students with financial need are available. If you or someone you know
would be interested in and benefit from this scholarship, please email Amalia at

Join Amalia Scott of The Hare in the Moon for this 8 week Tarot immersive. This course is open to Tarot readers of all skill levels. Students should bring their own Tarot deck. The class will be taught following the Tarot de Marseilles foremost, but students are not required to use this deck and will come away from the class able to read on any Tarot deck. *

During this course students will learn how to navigate and integrate the ancient wisdom of the Tarot in their daily lives, seeing with the “Archetypal Eye.” The Tarot is a very old esoteric system that mirrors the human soul. When a person taps into their intuition, the world the cards present us with becomes highly accessible, since it is akin to the world within. Students will come away with skeleton keys for interpreting the Tarot, and throughout the course there will be in-depth analyses of each card in the deck. We’ll discuss using the Tarot as a personal practice for expanded awareness, and learn how to equip ourselves to be ethical, conscious readers for others. Ultimately this course is an exploration of the Tarot as a tool for insight into the folkloric, mythic textures of our own lives so that deeper dimensions of engagement with the present moment become increasingly accessible.

Classes will include lectures and time for practice reading. Recordings will be made of every class and emailed out to students the day after each class.

*Suggested deck, not required: The Jodorowsky Camoin Tarot de Marseilles
*Suggested textbook, not required: Way of the Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards Alejandro Jodorowsky


-Brief history of the Tarot
-Discussion on meaning of all 78 individual cards in the deck
-Story of the Higher Arcana, how it represents the evolution of the human psyche
-Skeleton keys and memory techniques for interpreting Tarot on the fly
-Spreads for reading the Tarot
-Techniques for tapping into and feeling confidence in your intuition during readings
-Tools for reading and crafting the narrative from the cards for your querent/client
-30 minutes practice reading in every class


Week 1 | Sept. 9 | Intro To the Tarot
-Numerology, archetypes, structure of the Tarot, intuitive reading, personal practice, theory

Week 2 | Sept. 16 | Higher Arcana | 0 (Fool) through 10 (Wheel of Fortune)
-Story of the human psyche Part 1

Week 3 | Sept. 23 | Higher Arcana | 11 (Strength) through 21 (The World)
-Story of the human psyche Part 2

Week 4 | Sept. 30 | The Suit of Wands | Ring of Fire
-Activating creative inspiration

Week 5 | Oct. 7 | The Suit of Cups | How the Heart Behaves
-Mastering emotional and psychic awareness

Week 6 | Oct. 14 | The Suit of Swords | Mind over Matter
-Using the rational mind to access Mystery

Week 7 | Oct. 21 | The Suit of Pentacles | A Material World
-Finding the macrocosm through the microcosm

Week 8 | Oct. 28 | Putting It All Together
-Crafting ethical, narrative readings for yourself and others