I use the Tarot as a healing therapy and as a mode of accessing creative, intuitive spaces within the self. I name my practice Ekstatic Bodies in the Tarot from the Greek 'ekstasis' meaning 'displacement' or literally, outside oneself, beside oneself and rapt with transformation. The Tarot is one of the great initiatory traditions alongside those such as the Kabbalah, the I-Ching, or yoga, and I take the structure of these cards as one rich with radically integrated symbol-systems that we can use as guides towards the resourcefulness and magic latent in the human spirit. It is my great pleasure to guide clients into deeper understandings of the cards and to work therapeutically through the material that shows itself during readings. I read with reverence, compassion, and integrity.
I also facilitate workshops on reading the Tarot and offer private lessons on beginning a personal practice with the cards. I am grateful for my background as a teacher both inside institutions and out, and my experience in community service and educational organizing. The breadth of my experience in community organization and service has given me the opportunity to bridge from a personal practice with the Tarot to one that is therapeutic and instructional for others.
I have also trained as a yoga teacher, and in private sessions I often guide clients in meditations, breathing techniques, and movement practices in order to help them utilize the information found within the cards to its greatest potential. I believe that the body is the most literal space in which we can begin to heal ourselves and shift the course of our lives, and that the cards open a space for that healing to begin.
Ultimately, I see the Tarot as a great tool to reveal our internal and external systems alike; it brings their patterns to the surface. To be awakened to these patterns allows the individual to gain the agency to heal and rewrite the narratives they carry in their mind and body.